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Thriving vs Surviving

Empowering you while you take care of others

We're dedicated to your health and well-being in SPD while making your everyday activities more simple and effective.

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Healthcare Workers

Exclusively for you

This space is just for you and your colleagues in central services, OR, etc. within your center and field of expertise as a community.

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Next Steps

Where do you want to go in your career?  Every day is the next step in your whole life success.  Discover what is awaiting for you. 

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What We Do

for You

Support your career growth, current work and

for your Center

At the heart of every center is the individual, You.  We foster your thriving and interconnectedness with all departments. 

for Healthcare

We care for you the individual and include the entire system.  We are simplifying the complexity of your day to day actions.  

for Patients

You save lives.  We believe by empowering you with your work and well-being, we save lives together. 

Ripple Effect

You are the change the healthcare system needs. Many individuals working together to make a difference creates a ripple effect.  You matter. 

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The Story of Central Thriving

Committed to your well-being and success.

It all started with paying attention to the responses of Leaders and colleagues in SPD.   How many more times do we need to hear the story of burnout?    


One day, one of our co-founders was sitting in a hospital in California.  She asked the Director, "How are you?"  The leader's reply was concerning.   "Slowly drowning, burning out,  trying my best. " 


There has to be a better way.   This question of how we can contribute to the thriving of You in SPD while fostering collaboration with OR and Bio-med. We are intentional allies in your well-being and success while getting the work done that needs to be complete.  We are on a quest together to make your work life and well-being more a state of thriving versus surviving.   We hope you walk with us in a commitment to yourself and your colleagues.   

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We've been serving since 2016


We've been serving Central Services, OR and Bio-Medical Engineering in Hospitals, Surgery Centers, and Medical Centers. 


We have been providing various services directly and as an independent contractor since 2016.  For specifics just message us and we will let you know how we have served.  


We have been serving in the United States.  As we modify our services we may be able to serve other countries.  You may review a sample of the centers we have served linked below. 


IASCHMM Certified Vendor: we are in progress for completing this important certification.  We support all affiliated associations.   

Blue Oceans

All boats in the tide rise together.  As a company we are also completing our Blue Ocean Certification.  We are interested in creative disruption which doesn't compete in a red ocean. To learn more google, Blue Ocean.